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Lies, Lies, Lies
A interactive fanfiction site, for the lovely McFly fans.
We do not know McFly, these stories
are purely fictional.

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Codes : Parmy
Brushes : Deviantart
Image : McFLY ; Photobucket
Done With : Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended
Friday 21st May

Aloha readers! How are you all doing? Sorry for the long wait - have a small update, but it's something right? Been very busy these past few months but will try and update more!

Update; Chapter 3 of Disappear! Check it out, enjoy and leave a comment on the c-box!

Thursday 15th April

HELLO HELLO HELLO WORLD!! Finally got the site working again, piczo was messing it up and I couldn't enter myt site, but now I can, and oh God I have missed updating!

Anyway, hope you haven't completely stopped reading my fiction because I have two updates; chaptr 21 of Us Against The World and chapter 2 of Disappear!

Check it out, enjoy, and leave me comments on the c-box!

Thursday 28th January

Hey you amazing people! Finally updates...and guess what? I have a brand new fic for you guys that I just started on...need to see what you guys think of it, is it good enough for me to continue on it or not, so let me know on the c-box! So, check out the fisr chapter of the new fic DISAPPEAR! You can find it in the chaptered fics section.

And I was also wondering if I should do a sequel for My New Life or do you like it the way it is now? If you have any ideas for a sequel let me know!!!

Ciao, and thanks for the support!!!
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